Friday, November 24, 2017

Do you want to Join the team of like minded people, contributing to scale up this community? If you’ve the same flair, do join our team for exciting experience!

You can be a regular contributor, editor or even can do guest posting on this website. We don’t force anyone to stick with us, but once you work with us, we’re sure you’ll be on team forever !

What You Can Write On?

You can write on anything which resonates the theme of this blog. You can write on How-Tos, Tech Tutorials, Android, Windows, iOS, Gaming, Software and much more!

However, make sure to follow the guidelines and comply with the rules, so that it’d be easy for you to pass the test from editors themselves before getting live on site.

Guidelines For Posting Contents

There are certain things that you must follow before drafting/mailing your contents to our team. This will ensure the content being passed from quality check and will not be thrown to trash.

  • Make sure your submitted/drafted content is 100% unique in all respect and is not published anywhere on web. We seriously hate lifted contents that people throw at us!
  • The minimum length of your content should be 500+ words and that can go way up to 5000 words (if you’re providing in-depth tutorials).
  • Make sure to insert relevant images at proper places within the contents.
  • Do give link-back to the source from where you’ve picked images. We love to appreciate the work done by community.
  • If you feel to link-back to the relevant source, don’t hesitate to do that. Though, don’t spam!


Yes, we happily give full credits to the contributors. You can provide us your Author-Bio, which can include links to your Social Profile and Website (if any).

You can also create your Gravatar account for Author Image.

How To Submit?

You can use the form listed below to make your submission. Or else, use Contact Us page for contacting the team!


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