Being a Windows 10 operating system user, are you facing frequent lags as well as slower performance than your expectations?

If yes, then you are surely going to solve all these problems within no time just after reading this entire article.

Today, we are going to discuss few easy steps which needs to be followed to make your Windows 10 Super Fast. The below-mentioned steps are so simple that it hardly requires any professional knowledge to perform.

Steps To Make Windows 10 Super Fast

  • Go Opaque


Though the transparency in the Windows 10 OS always occupies some resource, it is better to make those resources available by disabling transparency in the Start menu.

To do this at first you have to open the ‘Settings’ menu then choose the ‘Personalization’ option and click on the ‘Colours’ tab. Just toggle off the check box which is assigned for ‘Make Start, taskbar and action center transparent’ option.

  • Avoiding Special Effects

Though the Windows 10 operating system comes with a lot of special effects to provide you an enhanced visual experience, the special effects may also be a cause behind the slower performance that’s why turning them off will surely help you inch closer in making your Windows 10 Super Fast. Here are the steps to get this done!

Right clicking on the ‘Start’ button needs to be followed by clicking on the ‘System’ button.

system-settingsThe ‘System Properties Menu’ should be open by clicking on the ‘Advance system setting’ tab. Then you have to choose the ‘Settings’ option under the ‘Performance’ tab.

performance-options-Windows-10Now turn off all the unnecessary special effects as well as animation by clicking on the respective check boxes. After making all the desired changes just click on the ‘Ok’ button to save your changed settings.

  • Disabling The Unnecessary ‘Startup’ Programs

If you are experiencing longer booting time even after enabling the ‘Fast Startup’ option, it may be caused due to the huge number of active ‘Startup’ programs. Steps to disable those unnecessary ‘Startup’ programs:


  • Right click on the ‘Start’ button and select ‘Task Manager’.
  • Click on the ‘Startup’ tab to see the programs which start up at the time of booting.
  • Just disable those programs which you do not want to start at booting time by right clicking on them & selecting the disable option.
  • Use Built-In Troubleshooter

Windows 10 has its own trouble-shooters to fix common problems. You may take help from this utility to diagnose as well as fix the problem to make Windows 10 Super Fast.


To use it, you have to first open the ‘Control Panel’ by right clicking on the ‘Start’ Button. Then choose the ‘Troubleshooting’ option under the ‘Systems & Security’ tab. Click on the ‘Run Maintenance Tab’ to perform the entire action.

  • Reducing The ‘Boot Menu Time-out’ Duration

As per the default settings, the computer always shows different booting options while booting. The default ‘Boot Menu Time-out’ is 30 seconds. Reducing this default time to 10 seconds may boot your PC faster than the earlier period.

With all these enabled and taken care off, you will surely see a major difference in your Windows 10 speed, though these may sound your all basic stuffs!