Most of the Apple manufactured devices are configured to provide support for a particular range of applications. Being an iPad user, if you are finding it problematic or want to install third party application not listed officially on Apple store, then you should be aware of the jail breaking method of iPad.

This method will allow you to install applications of your own choice on the iPad platform irrespective of official as well as third party apps.

At first, it’s our crucial responsibility to let you know that jail breaking of iPad is undoubtedly a risky process. If you have a keen interest in using third party unofficial applications on your iPad then only you should proceed.

The process of jail breaking actually refers to the technique of bypassing the inbuilt locks which are designed by the Apple to prevent the access of any third party application.

Things To Know Before Jail Breaking An iPad: Though you will be able to experience many advanced features by several third party applications, applications from untrusted sources may be the cause of the security vulnerability of your iPads. That’s why hackers can get sufficient scope to steal your personal information. Apple also officially issued a notification regarding this jail braking technique, of iOS. They clearly stated that after jail breaking a device the user should not expect any help from their side in case of the appearance of any problem.


The JailBreaking Processes Are of 3 Types:

  1. Tethered: In this technique jail breaking needs to be done by connection the device to a computer. If you disconnect the device, the jailbreak gets wiped out. Being the most primitive process of jail breaking, it’s a temporary one.
  2. UnTethered: In this case, the jail breaking makes the permanent change to the iOS. This process is effective for iOS 10.
  3. Semi-Tethered: This process requires re-running of the jail breaking process either after restarting the device or after a long period of time.

This Jailbreaking process is currently supported only for the iPad Pro. Let’s have a quick view over the entire process of jailbreaking:

  • At first, you have to download the required tool i.e. Yalu Jailbreak IPA to jailbreak the iOS 10.2 from here & the appropriate version of the Cydia Impactor.


  • Run the Cydia Impactor file as the second step which needs to be preceded by unzipping the same.
  • Just after the starting of the Cydia Impactor, you should connect the iOS device to the MAC or PC by the help of the lightning cable. The iOS device will be automatically recognise by the application.
  • Just connecting the iOS device, you have to drag the yalu102_alpha.ipa to the Cydia Impactor. Now click on the start button and Ok sequentially.
  • Once done, it’s time to signing in by the aid of the Apple ID mail address as well as password too. You may use any secondary Apple ID for security purpose.
  • You have to go to the Profile & Device management section under the Settings menu of the iOS device.
  • After selecting Cydia Impactor as a trusted developer, you have to open Yalu app and press the Go button to initiate the jail breaking process.
  • Wait for some time till the device does not get automatically restarted.
  • Once the device gets restarted, it’s all done. Now enjoy your favourite application on the jail broke iOS.