Backing up windows registry may undoubtedly be considered as the smart approach to recover any unexpected malfunctioning of the system unit due to the software issues.

Recovering the PC from the malfunctioning state using this method does not require any professional skill that’s why it’s can easily be done by an individual.

To make you able to perform this troubleshooting option in the future in necessity, here I’m going to describe the necessary steps which needs to be performed to backup windows registry without many hassles.

The processing of backup Windows registry can mainly be performed in two ways:

  1. Exporting the existing registry keys in a single file by the help of the built-in export feature of the registry editor.
  2. Backing up the entire Windows registry professionally by any third party tool.

To perform the entire backup using the first option, you have to follow few easy steps in a sequential method:

  • At first, open the registry editor by typing the below mentioned command after pressing the Win + R button.


  • Moving to the ‘File’ menu needs to be followed by the clicking on the ‘Export’ button.
  • Clicking on the ‘Export’ option instantly asks you to save the file to your desired location.


  • Upon your confirmation, it will take few minutes to take the entire registry to be backed up in a specific file.

Now you are all done!

The exported file will always work as the Windows registry backup. In the case of emergency, you have just to double click on the back file. This will instantly alter the present windows registry to the backed up one.

You should always make a backup of entire registry when your PC is properly functioning. This will keep you in the safe zone while altering anything in the registry for customization purpose.

Being a non-technical user, if you are finding the above process a little bit difficult then don’t panic.

We are here with an alternative solution i.e. the second option which means the taking backup of Windows registry by any third-party tool.

Though at present, numerous third-party applications are available on the internet, we always recommend those applications which are user-friendly as well as light impact over the system.

Regback can be considered as one of those light-ware applications which can efficiently create the backup of the windows registry as well as has the ability to restore the same. While backing up the register, you have to select the location to save the backup file just as same as the following image below!


Just click on the ‘Browse’ button and select the desired location to save the file.

This tool saves the backup registry file along with the date & time which can be considered as one of the advantages of this tool. While restoring the registry, you may select the specific back up file according to your needs just after starting the backup tool by double clicking on the tool icon.


This is the easiest way to backup your Windows 10 Registry and restore the same, in case of system failure!