Have you ever thought of having an easy way by which you can store your YouTube video songs and all other favourite tracks in the audio format?

You watch a nice song video and you want to listen to that song on loop, but don’t want to watch video. That is, you want an mp3 version of that video on your phone. However, YouTube doesn’t provide any such option to convert videos in mp3 format.

Well here’s what you can do to solve this, as we all love to hop around YouTube every day, and finding something on YouTube and then search all over web to find the mp3 version of that video song makes no sense, when it can be done at that very moment.

The solution is PEGGO!

Peggo is a web based application that is available easily online and it helps you download all your favourite tracks that you have seen on YouTube but unable to download it in an audio format. It is very easy to use and user friendly app that anyone can start using in minutes.

Peggo is the new destination where your problems can be solved. By using this simple and easy to use app you can select the part of the video which you want to convert into an mp3 track.

Procedure To Convert YouTube Video Song To Audio Tracks

Firstly, navigate to http://peggo.tv/

Now all you have to do is type the name of the video/song or even paste the YouTube or Soundcloud direct link in the search bar provided and hit enter. A list of results will be displayed, the next step involves selecting the file you desire and you’ll be directed towards the recording screen where you can record the clip.


All these can be done via web only and does not require any software to be downloaded.

Additioanlly, Peggo also has Android App, which has some very different and interesting features like integrated search, audio normalization, automatic silence feature and many others that make it a jaw dropping app to use.

The saved file can be used as a ringtone for your phone as well.

Note:- This app is not available on Play Store, and you’ve to make special effort to download it and install it on your device. Well, be relieved that this is cent percent genuine app and have no issues at all.

Steps To Get It On Your Android Device

Before downloading this app on your Android Device, you need to change few settings of your phone, just to allow this app to be installed. By default, Android device comes with the pre-defined settings which don’t allows apps to be installed which are downloaded from external sources (other than Play Store).

We just need to switch off that setting.

  • To do that, go to your Android device Setting option and locate Security
  • Under Security option, you’ll find Unknown Sources Enable this option and hit “Ok” when promoted on screen.


  • Once done, you’re ready to download the APK and install the app on your Android device. To do that, click on this link to download the APK.
  • After downloading, hit the Install button to install the same.

Once you’re set with Peggo App, all you need to do is, input the name of the Video Song or even YouTube or Soundcloud URL in the search bar provided.

Results will be displayed, and you’ll have upfront option of Recording Audio or Recording Video and the best of the Peggo offering, i.e. Record MP3


Hitting on “Record MP3” will start recording the MP3 and will be presented to you in Download tab of the app.


Please note that Peggo does not have any inbuilt music player, and you’ve to open the downloaded mp3 file using the pre-installed music players on your device.

Default-Music-PlayerPlay with any default music player and enjoy the song, loop it around or even share with your friends who’re still searching for MP3 version of same thing on web, and getting dirty downloads!