Avast, as one of the antivirus programs, has become a popular tool to lots of people for preventing the computer from all the viruses and threats. Emails, files, internet systems and all other things remain secured with this anti-virus software. Avast is now available in freemium and paid versions. However, with the premium one, the users can have better features and higher security.



  • Simple UI– All users enjoy comprehensible interface that has no clutter. Each of the buttons is positioned at the right place. The customizable homepage also makes the tools accessible.
  • Ransomware Shield– It is one of the newest features that you can find in Avast, and it saves all the personal files and photos from getting deleted. It gives a protection against the attacks of ransomware, and offers automatic guard to the folders, containing confidential data. By default, this feature remains in active condition.
  • Behavior Shield– It is another shield or layer, which observes every process that is running in computer. It also detects whether there is any malicious application. It is able to block all the files by considering the possible threats. In order to use this feature, the users have to select Settings option from the UI.
  • Game Mode– It enhances the computer’s performance by deactivating all the background apps that are not needed. While the users run any game, the mode gets turned on automatically.
  • Passive Mode– If the users want to deactivate the enabled protection system, this mode is essential. It allows users to run multiple anti-virus systems, and there will be no interference with smooth functioning of the computer.
  • Cyber-Capture– This feature helps in preventing the computer from all the impacts of malware. With the latest Avast version, this feature collects information from millions of sensors all over the world.
  • Heuristics engine– This integrated engine enables the users in detecting the previous threats that remain unknown to them.
  • Speed – There are various options of scanning, depending on the speed. The users may target at removable files by choosing the fast scanning options. The software can identify threats within one minute. Avast also does not cause strain on the system of any user.


One of the most known alternatives to Avast is AVG. However, there are some features of Avast that you may not find in AVG. For example, router and private network security, browser cleanup and conventional software scanner- which makes Avast the best in its class. AVG has also exceptional traits, like spying protection and sensitive data deletion.


Avast antivirus is an efficient and comprehensive protection system. Whether it is a corporate system or personal computer, this lightweight software can give the right level of security.


About the company

Avast software is one of the international standard cybersecurity software development agencies in Czech. Presently, it had more than four hundred million customers. Avast also offers IT security-related products, used for servers and desktops.